Hi đź‘‹ I'm Peter!
I'm a Software Developer from Germany and interested in all things technical: Programming, hacking, gaming and also a photography and Photoshop nut.

My artsy stuff runs by a project named “Flatspot-Pictures“, going with the theme, I later also created “FlatspotSoftware” for my software development work.
This blog is more about the tech stuff, I, the guy behind the Flatspot, do that’s not related to art, so that’s why I named this blog “Behind the Flatspot”.

I run this blog because I wanted some place, where I feel at home, to talk, rant and ramble about stuff that interests me in the tech-world, and also share some of my tech-related projects that I work on when not pretending to be an artist.

You shouldn’t expect to see any artistic content or anything related to my art here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t see any artsy stuff on this blog.
But I don’t know for sure yet

Where the name of “Flatspot-Pictures” originated I hear you ask?
Well, I started photography by shooting a lot of skateboarding, and a flat spot in skateboard wheels is a common occurrence. I had an idea for a logo and just went with it.