Steam Controller – Perspective of a computer science student

I really got excited about the Steam Controller and the kind of gaming it could enable, when Valve first announced it and stated that this thing should be as hackable as possible.

My excitement didn’t change through all the revisions it went trough, but I’m still disappointed that the touchscreen was scrapped, for better or for worse.

I recently received mine, and no doubt, it’s an amazing piece of hardware Valve has put together.
And I’m pretty sure the lack of a touchscreen is for the better.

In this blog post i will give a general review in terms of gaming, address some issues, also regarding emulators, and finally touch on the more technical developing side of things and the inner workings of this piece of hardware.

Going to be a lot to read, so make yourself comfortable and maybe grab some coffee.

To clarify: computer science student means, I am currently getting a degree in computer science at a university of applied sciences.
The title is meant to indicate that I’m not afraid of tinkering and that I will also touch on a bit more technical side of the Steam Controller.
As it stands right now, there isn’t all that much to say about this, though.

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