A better commandline experience on Windows

Lets face it, the default command line in Windows is pretty bad.
The terminal and the shell are functional, sure. But they’re not very comfortable to use and have a lot of problems.
There is “Powershell” however, which makes things better. But is it really that comfortable to use if you’re used to what is available on Linux / Mac?

For different shells like bash, and other GNU and Open Source tools there is, in Win10 insider builds at least, the “Windows subsystem for Linux” (WSL).
But that has its problems.

While you can access and modify all of your windows file, you cannot run a windows executable from WSL bash. Bummer…

Besides that, at the time of writing, you have to use Windows Insider builds for Win10 and not a full army of whatever might scare you will bring me to use them.

Of course, you can use “cygwin” to have bash or a different shell and run a set of popular GNU and other Open Source tools  on windows, just like WSL, sure.
And with cygwin you also have access to all of your windows files and you even can run windows executables from bash.
But still, it also has its problems.

Everyone of these “solutions” to make the command line experience on Windows better isn’t quite ideal.
All of them, pretty much, suffer from the same problem:
The terrible, terminal on Windows and its limited capabilitys.
There have been some improvements to the terminal though, but it’s still not optimal.

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